Everything You Need To Know About CT Urogram In New Jersey

It is necessary to see a doctor immediately if you are suffering from urinary tract issues. It can be experiencing blood in your urine or pain in the tract. In this situation, your doctor will recommend you a CT Urogram. A CT urogram uses contrast dye and imaging that allows doctors to diagnose bladder stones and kidney problems. It can also diagnose structural irregularities and cancer. The best clinic for CT urogram in New Jersey can offer a safe space to people with an urinary tract problem.

What is a CT urogram?

The CT urogram is basically a test which involves the use of a CT scan. Doctors use a dye or contrast medium to diagnose urinary tract problems. The doctor injects the dye or contrast medium into your vein. This dye can provide high quality images of the urinary tract so that the doctors can make a better diagnosis of the problem.

CT urogram in New Jersey

CT urogram is a type of medical imaging of the urinary tract. It allows doctors to get a better image of your urinary tract. The benefit of using this urogram is that there is no need for any surgery. The CT scanner that it uses has a X-ray machine. The inside of this X-ray machine rotates and takes many X-rays from different angles.

What happens during a CT urogram?  

During the process of CT urogram, doctors:

  • Conduct the non-contrast scan at first. It shows any structural irregularities or kidney stones.
  • Inject the dye into your vein and then conduct a second scan. This second scan will show the doctor the soft tissues of bladder, kidney, and your adrenal glands. Everything will be shown in minute detail.
  • Doctors will then conduct another scan. It will be conducted after a few minutes. This scan will show the doctors the contrast that draining into your bladder.

Use of a CT urogram

Doctors use a CT urogram to diagnose everything that is going on with your urinary system. It includes your uteres, bladder, and kidney. They use the CT scan images to check whether your internal system is functioning well or something is wrong. Doctors examine if there is any problem with the help of these images. A person who is experiencing blood in their urine or pain in their groin are recommended to go for a CT urogram. The result can help determine bladder stones, kidney stones, cysts, kidney infections, or structural irregularities.